How to avoid fraud?

Due to the increased amount of fraudulent behaviour in the area of on-line payments, we ask our customers to protect their e-mail and NeteraPay account login information and to never provide their NeteraPay coupon codes to third parties. It is not possible to fully prevent the theft of funds from a coupon that has had its code disclosed. NeteraPay administrators will never require clients to disclose their NeteraPay coupon codes or any part of them.

NeteraPay is serious with its security

Thanks to SSL certificates, all communication is encrypted and secured. All coupon codes are hidden from unauthorized persons, including shop salespersons. In order to verify the validity of a coupon, it is necessary to enter the entire coupon code - and you are the only person who knows it.

Payments via payment gateway

When using your coupon to pay in a partner electronic shop, you will use a secured payment gateway. All communication is encrypted. You just have to enter your coupon code.