All information is transferred using SSL protocols. This protocol belongs to the best available encryption systems currently available. It provides protection against spying and misusing data travelling from customer computers to us, by using very secure encoding techniques. Such data can only be decrypted on our side, by our servers and systems.

The on-line service is connected via a secured payment gateway to the credit card payment centre of the bank. The credit card number is entered only to verify the payment via the bank's gateway, not via the Netera Systems s.r.o. system. SSL protocols are also used for communication between our system and the bank's payment system. The credit-card bank centre uses a 3D-secure payment method to verify customer cards and currently belongs to the safest payment options on the Internet. The entire payment system is absolutely perfectly secured.

The Netera Systems s.r.o. company bindingly states that all information required from the customer during registration at will be solely used for the following purposes:

  • to verify payment cards, bank accounts, customer telephone numbers,
  • to verify the right to receive an prepaid coupon via a customer's registered email,
  • for warranty claim purposes.

Due to security reasons, the Netera Systems s.r.o. company database ONLY saves customer information (personal data), due to reasons stated in the previous paragraphs. Credit card numbers are never stored in the Netera Systems s.r.o. system and are only necessary when authorizing a specific payment. This is why it is necessary to enter this number for every purchase.

Providing personal information to third parties

Personal information is processed and protection compliant to Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal information and will provide information only to judicial organs, revenue offices, state officials and other third parties, if this is required by a subpoena, if this is required by the law or if the disclosure of personal information is, in good faith, necessary to report suspicious illegal activities, or requested during an investigation.